The special experiences to enjoy at Samyang Roundhill!

The Wish & Wind Mailbox

Samyang Roundhill is where the wind stays and you can send your wish to your beloved family, friends, lovers, and even yourself on a postcard. Put the postcard containing your wish in the red bag (mailbox) on the cow!
The special mail will be delivered with Daegwallyeong Samyang Roundhill’s special seal.

  • Venue
    • Next to the Ostrich Feeding Site inside Cheongyeon Arboretum
  • Stamp/Postcard Shop
    • Farm Shop
  • Note
    Please write the accurate address and postal number.
  1. Samyang Roundhill’s Special Postcards

    We sell the postcards with Samyang Roundhill’s special scenery.
    You can share your memories at Samyang Roundhill with special someone by sending a postcard that is sold only at Samyang Roundhill.

  2. Samyang Roundhill’s Special Seal

    We have a special seal containing all of the special views of Daegwallyeong Samyang Roundhill.
    If you leave a postcard in the Wish & Wind Mailbox, it will be delivered with the special seal on it.