Recommended Courses

Here are the courses to guide your trip to Samyang Roundhill.

Shepherding Performance and Calf Feeding! Animal Experience Course

The shepherding performance with the sheep and Border Collies and feeding the cute calves are some of the animal experience programs available. This course is highly recommended for families with young kids!

Duration: About 3 hours

In Search of the Picture of a Lifetime! The Photo Zone Course

Anyone can be the star of a TV drama!
This course takes you to all the scenic points of Samyang Roundhill and it is highly recommended for friends and lovers!

Duration: About 2 hours

The Healing Course with the Animals

You can see the animals grazing in the 19.835k㎡ of open grassland of Samyang Roundhill. The animals are not trapped in the cages, but they are out in the nature and grazing freely.

Duration: About 2 hours 30 minutes

Anyone at Any Age! The Easy Bus Tour Course

You can go up to the peak of Samyang Roundhill, which is a 9-km trip both ways, on the bus.
You can get on and off the bus at any of the three stations, so this course is recommended for anyone!

Duration: About 1 hour

The Ultimate Tour of Samyang Roundhill! The Full Course of Wooden Fence Trail

You can walk through all five zones spanning 4.5 km and enjoy the view of Daegwallyeong.
This is a long, slopy course, so it is recommended for hike lovers and anyone who wish to conquer Samyang Roundhill!

Duration: About 2 hours (It will take 2 hours just to hike through the Wooden Fence Trail. It can take up to 3 hours and 30 minutes if you stop for the experience programs.)